FIFA10 PS3 player Mohd ‘Warrior’ Syahril plays for Malaysia at Electronic Sports World Cup, France!

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‘Warrior’ will join 450 cyber athletes from 32 countries in Paris, Disneyland at the 7th ESWC from 30 June – 4 July 2010

Kuala Lumpur, 21 June 2010 – 24-year old student, Mohd Syahril Mispardi ‘[Myfes.Inc] Warrior’ (pictured on left) won the coveted title of football video game, FIFA10 Champion, Electronic Sports World Cup 2010 Malaysia last weekend, earning him a place for Malaysia at the 7th ESWC in France end of this month.

‘Warrior’ on left, being congratulated by fellow gamer ‘Kokakopi’

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‘Warrior’ won an all expenses paid trip valued at RM9,000 inclusive of flight, accommodation and slot at the Electronic Sports World Cup (ESWC) 2010 in Paris, Disneyland France, sponsored by Go International Group – the leader in fringe youth festivals and e-sports championships. ‘It is an honour for me to represent my country in France. I will do my best to challenge against the best in the world! But I hope there’s someone travelling with me as I’ve not travelled there before’, the pre-graduate at Universiti Teknologi Mara said.

The prestigious e-sports competition ESWC is a part of the Indie Youth Fest World Tour (FEYST10) program where youth are selected, groomed and sent to represent 1Team Malaysia at international e-sports tournaments and music festivals. France is the first leg for the tour this year, followed by a World Expo in China and DreamHack in Sweden.

ESWC 2010 Malaysia licensee and Indie Youth Fest conceptualiser Go International Group raises funds from corporate sponsors for its annual youth programme. Funds are used to groom and prepare Malaysian youth for the international arena.

‘After two years of spending time with young Malaysians, we find language is still a barrier and thus affecting confidence when meeting foreign teams during social settings. During performance and competition, our youth are focused and serious and are all out to make themselves, and their nation proud. It is our goal to prepare youth for the world, regardless of their backgrounds,’ said Festival Director, Jasmine Low.

Meanwhile, Team DotA MU.FishClub comprising of Chan Litt Bin ‘Winter’ (21 years), Lim Chang Sheng ‘Silvercross’ (21 years), Loo Kiat Kin ‘Redsun’ (20 years), Raymond Wong ‘DjSharsky’ (20 years) and Lim Theng Lip @ Koy (19 years) beat the six top teams to take home the Gold Medal for strategy game Defense of the Ancients (DotA).

The RM45,000 price tag to sponsor one DotA team to Paris, France albeit hefty, is worthwhile as Team MUFC is slated to have a good and fair chance to bring home a medal. However, at 3pm today, Team MUFC failed to raise funds required for their flights, thus the slot is now open to 1st Runner -up Team Nirvana as the replacement team. Team Nirvana has managed to raise the funds required to travel to France to defend, if not better Malaysia’s Silver Medal win by Team Kingsurf at ESWC 2008 in California, USA. The Silver Medal win was much publicised by game forums and websites around the world and to top it off, Team Kingsurf also made history as the first team to have met with a Malaysian Prime Minister.

National Director of ESWC 2010 Malaysia and Managing Director of Go International Group, Jasmine Low, added, “Since 2008, we have kept to our commitment to support Malaysian pro-gamers to achieve new heights. Each year, our youth gain exposure from these overseas competitions. They earn a sense of pride and achievement when they compete amongst the best gamers from around the world. It is during these festivals that youth learn about the invaluable pursuit of their dreams. Win or lose, it’s all worth the experience. And, it places Malaysia on the global map. That, is what our mission is – to place young Malaysians on the global map,”.

ESWC 2010 Malaysia credits its venue sponsor Bangsar Shopping Centre, sponsor Play Interactive and NIRO Granite, partners Sendi Mutiara Multimedia and Low invites brands wishing to tap into young urban males to consider investing in e-sports tournaments because brands can benefit from this niche, but increasingly popular fringe scene.

The ESWC 2010 Malaysia marks the season kickstart of the third celebration of independent and digital culture – Indie Youth Festival // Digital Delirium Xpo // Go International E-Sports Cup trilogy of events!

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Corporate & Media Inquiries:

Jasmine Low

National Director, ESWC 2010 Malaysia


Direct: +6017 623 0288


About Go International Group Sdn Bhd

A marketing and communication solutions company founded in 2006, Go International Group abides by four values – Sharing of Insights, Integrity, Valour and Love. Official organiser and license owner of ESWC in Malaysia, Go is committed to serving youth. It produces events, which empower young Malaysians to step up into the world. The group has pledged to enhance e-sports via its alignment with international festivals like ESWC France, DreamHack Sweden and Digital Youth Awards Shanghai. The company also produces concerts, corporate events and marketing campaigns for clients.

About Indie Youth Fest™ (FEYST™10)

Organiser, Go International Group, has designed back-to-back activities for youth during the event, which celebrates the independent spirit, self-expression through the arts and the celebration of pop and digital culture. We are all linked through a common thread these days – new media. Celebrate digital technology and independent culture here, at FEYST10 from 8-10 October 2010. FEYST10 – Indie Youth Fest Concert // Digital Delirium Xpo // Go International E-Sports Cup. |

About Electronic Sports World Cup™

ESWC originated from community Local Area Network (LAN) parties in Paris, France. In 2007, the e-sports phenomenon attracted tens of millions who watched the World Finals On-Stage Show broadcasted live each year via TV, IPTV, Mobile, Internet and gaming devices. There, 35,000 visitors attended the community convention while 750 of the best pro-gamers from 51 countries competed for the USD$250,000 prize pool. ESWC is the world e-sporting benchmark and the ONLY Credible Sanctioning Body for Video Games Competitions.


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