FEYST World Tour brings six Malaysian music-makers to Shanghai World Expo 2010


Six Malaysian music-makers hit Shanghai World Expo 2010

Petaling Jaya, 25 August 2010 – Five standout acts from Malaysia get ready to fly to Shanghai to perform a trio of exclusive showcases as part of the FEYST10 World Tour from 29 to 3p1 August. The festival–an initiative by the Go International Group–will see its first foray into China with rock band One Buck Short and singer-songwriters Liyana Fizi, Ady Suwardy, Zalila Lee and Izzy Mohamed. The highlight of the tour includes performances at the Expo 2010 Shanghai China in celebration of Malaysia’s 53rd Independence.

Big things have been happening for FEYST10 since it kick-started its season in May. The festival has since finished an excursion to Electronic Sports World Cup in Paris and its GO-11 Music Concert, with the China agenda followed by a Malaysia itinerary in October and a Sweden tour in November. This month’s China tour will see FEYST10’s featured artists performing inside the Malaysia Pavilion at the Expo 2010, preceded by a gig at the famed Yu Yin Tang Livehouse. As part of Go International Group’s Malaysians Go International CSR initiative, Tourism Malaysia is sponsoring full board whilst AirAsiaX is co-sponsoring this momentous trip where some of the most talented music-makers and filmmakers have been handpicked to represent their homeland and showcase national pride in conjunction with Merdeka.

Armed with ten years of experience, One Buck Short’s album (Halal And Loving It) and their slew of popular singles have made them synonymous with Malaysian pop culture. As the only rock band to represent Malaysia in the FEYST10 World Tour, Mundzir bin Abdul Latiff aka Mooky (vocals), Rahul Kukreja (guitar), Izal Azlee bin Zainal Abidin (bass) and Imran Fadzil Bin Ishak (drums) are always the life of the party, with their onstage synergy of unfailingly infectious, high-energy punk rock firing up the rowdiest mosh pits. They’ve opened for Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte and My Chemical Romance, and were also the first to produce one of Malaysia’s largest rock festivals, Rockaway 2009. These fun-loving boys love China, having already played gigs in Shenzen and Guangzhou in the past. “It’s always great to be a part of a show where you represent Malaysia, and this being at the China World Expo is amazing,” says Rahul. “Performing in new places is always exciting as you don’t know what to expect, but this is the kind of stuff we live for.” This will be OBS’s first visit to Shanghai, and will see them extend their tour to Nanjing and Suzhou. With the band currently writing new material, Chinese audiences will be privileged to be the first to hear it.

As the angelic voice that once founded and fronted jazz-inflected indie darlings Estrella, Liyana Binti Mohd Fizi aka Liyana Fizi threw a curveball on the music scene with her sweet disposition and knack for composing a catchy tune. Going solo since 2009 didn’t impede on her star status; on the contrary, she has realised her full potential with acoustics drenched in folk and bossa nova. Since then she’s been gigging from Melbourne to Manchester, and having visited Sydney last year to play Malaysia Fest (another Go International Group programme that also included One Buck Short and other singer-songwriters), Liyana is nothing but excited about her contribution to China. “Having a chance to perform abroad again with FEYST is already an honour but to also represent Malaysia at the World Expo, now that’s truly mind-blowing,” she admits. “I’ll be playing five songs, including my latest single ‘Light Writing’, together with some old and new tracks like ‘Foolish Senses’, ‘Kaku’, ‘Ternyata’ and ‘Stay’.” Having faced her fair share of struggles in the music industry, Liyana certainly understands the importance of advocacy for indie talent. “FEYST’s relentless support for local acts is truly inspiring. It doesn’t matter if you’re not yet the best or most experienced or most popular; they open up opportunities for youths to believe in themselves and polish their skills in whatever they do best.”

Liyana leads the pack of singer-songwriters involved in FEYST10, with Ady Suwardy, Izzy Mohamed and Zalila Lee completing the line-up of musical poets. Just like Liyana, Izzy and Zalila share the same zeal for songwriting. With her quiet and whispery delivery, Izzy’s folky acoustics offer a more wistful side to the Malaysian contingent. “This is my first time going to China. In fact, this will be my first time performing outside of Malaysia and I’m ecstatic!” exclaims Izzy. “I’ll be singing songs from my EP as well as some new numbers. And I might have something special for China audiences… We’ll have to wait and see…”

Zalila provides the strong, soulful backing on the tour with a decade worth of gigging, and influences in blues, funk and folk. A regular at No Black Tie, Zalila has also sated audiences with her groovy take on songwriting at big festivals like Fête de la Musique and Urbanscapes as well as in Laos. A previous visit to China in 2005 has not stopped this steadfast talent from being psyched about FEYST10. “I’m a travel nut–if I could, I’d do it for a living!” she grins. “Music is another facet of my life and going on that mindset alone will be interesting.” And she’s got Go International Group to thank for taking her places. “I’ve had the pleasure of being invited on a few other shows organised by the wonderful people from FEYST/Indie Youth Fest and I think they’re definitely driven by passion.” It takes one to know one, and you can be sure Zalila’s own passion for her music shines through as only she knows how: “No smoke and mirrors for me; just my guitar and stories.”

As the only male troubadour on the tour, Ady’s pop musical stylings allude to his predilection for old standards, jazz and R&B. Privileged to be part of this influential group of performers, his debonair style and sensibility only serve to enhance his standing with Chinese audiences. “This will be my first gig overseas, and I promise my best for my country and the people in China,” says Ady. And he’s planned a few surprises for Chinese audiences too. “I’ll be doing my first single ‘Izinkanlah’ with ‘Beku’ and ‘Ku Tak Mau’. I’ve also prepared Mandarin cover songs ‘Xin Bu Liao Qing’ and a classic, ‘Qin Ren De Yan Lei’–they’re my personal favourites and I’ve been singing them quite a lot in my shows in KL.” Geared up to release his debut album Masih Ada Waktu Better Late Than Never, this talent of Malaysian-Javanese heritage will surely appease even the most jaded of personalities.

Doppelganger Industries, a newly established label by the group will release produce the ‘FEYST10 World Tour Shanghai’ compilation album. Marketed by Go International Group and Popfolio, fans can purchase the album and individual songs via digital and mobile downloads via our e-store at www.indieyouthfest.com. CDs go on sale starting Monday, 30 August 2010.

Details of the FEYST10 World Tour in Shanghai are as follows:

Date: 29 August 2010 (Sunday)
Time: 9pm onwards
Tickets: RMB40
Venue: Yu Yin Tang Livehouse, 851 Kai Xuan Road, By West Yan An Road, Changning, Shanghai http://www.yuyintang.org

Date: 30 & 31 August 2010 (Monday & Tuesday)
Time: 5pm onwards
Tickets: Free for all China World Expo pass holders
Venue: Malaysia Pavilion, Expo 2010 Shanghai China, 3588 Pudong Road, Shanghai

One Buck Short (www.onebuckshort.com)
Liyana Fizi (www.myspace.com/liyanafiz)
Ady Suwardy (www.adysuwardy.com)
Zalila Lee (search for Zalila on Facebook)
Izzy Mohamed (www.myspace.com/izzymohamed)
*Hosted by Jasmine Low and guest emcee Goh Wee Ping

FEYST10 is an indication of many exciting things to come for Malaysia’s youth as they make their mark across the country and internationally. The festival takes a break in September before going full steam ahead with its ten-day Malaysia event from 1 to 10 October at venues around the Klang Valley, culminating at Berjaya Times Square from 8 to 10 October. Look forward to indie music gigs, film screenings, music and film workshops, a conference and concert, the Digital Delirium Xpo, a beatbox challenge, a mass blogger review competition, a casual games competition and an e-sports tournament. For more on FEYST10, search for “FEYST10 World Tour” on Facebook or follow Indie Youth Fest at www.twitter.com/indieyouthfest.


Issued by NOVApr – a division of Go International Group Sdn Bhd.

For details, kindly contact:

Syuhada ‘Cece’ Adam
Project Consultant – FEYST10 World Tour
Email: cece@gointernationalgroup.com

Jasmine Low
Festival Director – FEYST10 World Tour
Tel: (6017) 623 0288 / (603) 7727 0093
E-mail: jasminelow@gointernationalgroup.com


FEYST10–which encompasses of the 3rd Indie Youth Fest, Digital Delirium Xpo and Go International E-sports Cup–supports and promotes the digital and indie cultures by regularly showcasing young talent in music and video gaming. The annual Indie Youth Fest (www.indieyouthfest.com) acts as a hub where all manner of creatives meet, network and perform at one huge space. Everyone from indie musicians, singer-songwriters, poets, beatboxers, bloggers, pro-gamers, technopreneurs and filmmakers congregate to educate and entertain the masses at this one-of-a-kind festival. Since its inception in 2008, the Indie Youth Fest has exposed some of the most talented individuals in their respective proficiencies and given them opportunities to showcase their abilities both locally and around the globe. The Digital Delirium Xpo and Go International E-Sports Cup is also where amateur and professional video gamers compete for a chance to represent Malaysia on an international scale. Already, 25 Malaysians have participated in major competitions and festivals such as the ESWC at NVISION 2008 in San Jose, USA; the Malaysia Fest in Sydney, Australia; DreamHack in Jönköping, Sweden; and most recently, the Electronic Sports World Cup in Paris, France.

FEYST is the Malaysian partner for the following international festival partners:



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