Lights out with FEYST10


After a youthful week of non-stop games and music, FEYST10 prepare for 2011

Kuala Lumpur, 21 October 2010 – The three-year old Indie Youth Fest (FEYST10) returned this
year with the intention to tickle adrenaline rushes and send youthful energy plummeting through
Klang Valley. Over 250 video gamers, 400 musicians and 30 beatboxers took part in the fest
whilst 5,000 youth attended the ten-day fete, which overflowed with activities from video gaming
to music – the in betweens and overlays.

One Buck Short's Rahul Kukreja - FEYST10 Concert

FEYST10 organisers Go International Group Sdn Bhd exerted a vibrant and inspiring festival
for youth and emerging talents, hand in hand with sponsors Tourism Malaysia, Play Interactive,
Niro Granite and partner MOL.

FEYST10 kept to its promise of having a content-rich appeal from the Game BoyTM 8-bit chip
tune clad opening party at Palate Palette Café to the last strum of guitars at the Doppelganger
World Open Mic Open Stage at the entrance of Berjaya Times Square. Guitar Hero sets, drum
sets, Game BoyTM DJs, bands, artistes, multi-player online gamers and beatboxers were thrown
into the huge FEYST10 melting pot, emerging out as young, innovative talents and opening
Kuala Lumpur’s eyes from 1 to 10 October 2010.

The activities were abuzz on social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Friendster.
Alongside the broad spectrum of music and digitalism, some of the best names in the indie film
scene also contributed to the week-long festival. The influential Amir Muhammad, Ho Yuhang
and Lorna Tee worked together at the FEYST Film Workshop and picked at the curious minds
of youths who were looking to achieve the knowledge of the film industry and life behind the

2nd Malaysia Beatbox Challenge - DJ Co-ex, Shazet (Champion), Megat the Beatboxer & Koji

The success of FEYST10 does not solely lie within the ten-day festival, but the ability and strive
to bring young talents of Malaysia to the world beyond. E-sports cyber athletes challenged each
other during the Go International E-sports Cup (GO.esc) with the latest massive multiplayer
online role-playing game, Heroes of Newerth (HoN), and Left 4 Dead. The final round of HoN
held at Friendster i-Café at Berjaya Times Square determined the winners, ‘xTu’, who embraced
the opportunity of heading to the Swedish Pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai China from 14 – 18
October. xTu will also ready themselves for the upcoming Digital Youth Awards at Singapore
this November.

Flourishing with nightly music affairs at various spots around Klang Valley, the FEYST10 music
series opened up their platform for artistes ranging from funk to acoustic to world pop; what
the two-day finale concert at Berjaya Times Square on the 9 and 10 October swiftly echoed.
The eve of the Indie Youth Fest concert was celebrated at One Café; RockFeyst grazing the
scopes of metalcore, post-rock, experimental and punk rock with newly rising bands such as
Kyoto Protocol, Spritz!!! and A Ruthless Cleansing and more. The pure magic of the festival was
the ability to reach out to not only a certain age; FEYST10 opened its doors to a large array of
people from all appreciative ages, though the majority was without doubt a bold shade of youth.

FEYST10 was a way to challenge youths from all angles and during the mass of events a
Beatbox Competition drew in the talented voiceboxes around Malaysia to compete for the first
prize – a Play Interactive Hercules DJ Console. Shazet, an inventive beatboxer who has also
won the Melbourne Beatbox Championship, walked away with the console in hand and pride as
he held his winning medal close to his chest. Throughout the two final days at Berjaya Times
Square, ground-breaking acts such as An Honest Mistake, One Buck Short, Beatburns and
Free Deserters shared the main stage with a string of other inspiring talents such as Amirah Ali,
2StoreyHeart, Markiza & Peter Hassan Brown and poetry slammer, George Wielgus.

Shanghai, Sydney, France, Singapore, Sweden… What else does Go International Group have
in store for the eager youths trying to find a space to break their ground? If you didn’t grab a
chance to witness FEYST10 – you’ve missed out big time, but brace yourselves for more and
look forward to another Indie Youth Fest in 2011. For updates, visit the festival’s website at


For more information:

Syuhada ‘Cece’ Adam – 017-200 8631,

For corporate inquiries:

Jasmine Low – +6017-623 0288,


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