Bihzhu Crib Concert combines intimacy and technology for global audiences


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Kuala Lumpur, August 19, 2013 – Award-winning nightingale BIHZHU combines the intimacy of a private concert and the global reach of technology in her revolutionary music series, the #CribConcert.

Currently in its fourth edition, each #CribConcert is hosted in the private home of a music lover, surrounded by friends and family, and also features a guest artiste. This hour-long music showcase is also broadcasted live online to a worldwide audience!

“I love making music and I strongly believe in sharing this love with anyone and everyone, but unfortunately, music fans from outside Malaysia, or even outside Kuala Lumpur haven’t had a chance to watch me live and I felt like this #CribConcert was the perfect opportunity to do so and celebrate all the things I love!” said the Penang-born songstress.

#Bihzhu #CribConcerts 1 kick started a new way of reaching audiences this May 2013

#Bihzhu #CribConcerts 1 kick started a new way of reaching audiences this May 2013

The #CribConcert4 will be hosted by photographer cum entrepreneur Annatasha Saifol and will feature upcoming singer-songwriter Amrita Soon as the guest act. Hammer Zawawi and ‘Diamond in the Rough’ winners Big&Small have also been featured acts, while previous hosts have included policy analyst Saovanee Somchit and popular 98.8FM DJ PM Wang.

“It is wonderful to fill my house with good music and sincere musicians. Me and my friends had a great time, and they are so happy to be introduced to such a talented artiste! Bihzhu made my crib “the place” to be for a blast ever since!” said PM Wang.

Remember to tune in!

Bihzhu #CribConcert 4

Saturday, August 24, 2013

8.00pm Malaysian Time (GMT+8)

Don't miss the 4th edition of #Bihzhu #CribConcerts

Don’t miss the 4th edition of #Bihzhu #CribConcerts

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2013 VIMA “Song of the Year” winner and “Vox-Pop Winner” in the Cabaret Song category for the USA-based 12th Independent Music Awards, the Penang-born songstress BIHZHU is blessed with a rich, soulful voice and a whole lot of heart.  A commanding entertainer, her rapturous performances have enchanted audiences, from intimate acoustic concerts to music festivals in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Melbourne, Australia.

Combining elements of jazz, soul, reggae, and pop with her debut album “Nightingale Tales”, her genuine songcraft celebrates love, beauty, and life’s most treasured moments. Her uplifting tunes have received much airplay on Malaysia’s national radio stations 9.88FM, Capital FM, BFM Radio, as well as the Los Angeles-based ‘Woman of Substance’ radio and Minneapolis’ Big Brain Radio Show in the United States.



It is a movement about friendship and solidarity. Through this movement, they encourage all who believe in love and caring to put it into action.


In every sense, Annatasha represents the definition of creative arts. A former musical theater talent, this aspiring entrepreneur is creating waves via her passionate efforts in fashion photography and her very own macaron business. How good are her macarons? Just ask Paramore’s lead singer, Hayley Williams. She loves them!


Amrita Soon is a self-taught singer songwriter who started writing songs at the age of 12. Today, Amrita has performed her original songs at FEYST, No Black Tie and The Bee, and has also made many media appearances on The Breakfast Show, ntv7, 8tv Quickie, RED FM and many others.

Amrita performed at the annual Country Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee as well as in San Francisco’s Freight & Salvage with veteran singer-songwriter, Alan Senauke.

Amrita recently started her own open mic called The Treehouse Open Mic, “I felt that there was a need for a platform to encourage teenagers to perform and express themselves. There are open mics almost every weekday now, but they cater more to adults and aren’t at the most family-friendly places. So this one is quite simple: no late nights, no alcohol and no smoking.”


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