‘Inspiring Social Change via Creative Technology’ at Vivid Ideas, Sydney


Sydney, 14 May 2015 – Malaysian-based peer to peer learning network, Gointernationalgroup.org will be presenting at Vivid Ideas on Saturday, 23rd May 2015 at the Museum of Contemporary Art on how one can utilise creative technology to inspire change.

The talk, simply titled ‘Inspiring Social Change via Creative Technology’ is part of their Go Inspire Speakers Series and Vivid Ideas is their first presentation outside of Malaysia and is a Vivid Sydney Event Collaborator. The organisation’s goal is to share peer to peer knowledge exchange and learning through this series.

The All Together Now group utilised the social media sphere earlier this year after the terrorist attack in a Sydney café to help other muslims travel on public transportation by utilising the hashtag “#Illridewithyou’. This hashtag became a singularity movement with Australians volunteering and tagging their posts with the hashtag across the country, thus becoming a powerful form of solidarity and kindness between Australians.

The movement has affected people from around the world and put Australia as a positive and safe place to live in the world’s eyes. It became obvious that there is a need to publicise and announce that change is possible to make through usage of creative technology.

More and more people are veering towards humanitarian vocation instead of staying in a secure high paying job as it is more satisfying for the soul. Soul searching now can be made possible without one having to travel overseas; one can simply volunteer or get involved in a social change organisation. The utilisation of creative technology is allowing change-making to be an easier pursuit and is making the world a better place.


The Recycled Instruments Orchestra Cateura has been travelling the world, performing music. “They send us garbage, we send them music”, says Favio Chavez.

The speakers who will be present at the talk are All Together Now’s managing director Priscilla Brice, Saskia Wilson CEO of Flashpoint Labs who will be talking about changemaking programs for refugees and new migrants using photography and Favio Chavez from Paraguay who leads The Recycled Orchestra of Cateura, a world renowned orchestra of young people who have been empowered with musical instruments made from trash and recycled items.

Vivid Ideas, an integral part of Vivid Sydney, is the perfect venue for these topics and social change ideas as it encourages individuals to share ideas. In collaboration with Vivid Sydney, the talk will be dedicated to this sharing of knowledge.

Go International Group’s managing director and talk facilitator Jasmine Low says “I’ve often wondered what a waste it is, that when a person for that matter, with so much acquired knowledge dies, her learnings die with her. I feel compelled and empowered to be able to turn my personal life-long quest for learning into something that can be shared through a series of talks. The GO Inspire Speaker Series seeks to do just that”.



For media inquiries:

Syuhada Adam

Senior PR Consultant

Email: gointernational.pr [at] gmail.com

Other inquiries:

Jasmine Low

Managing Director, Go International Group

Email: jasminelow [at] gointernationalgroup.com




Favio Chavez

“The world sends us garbage. We send them music”


Favio Chavez leads a group of young musicians from Cateura, Paraguay called The Recycled Orchestra. The orchestra is world renowned for their unique instruments which are crafted from recycled materials gathered from a landfill that Catuera is built upon and around. When Nicolas “Cola” Gomez, a garbage picker, realised the potential to re-purpose the waste for young children to use as instruments he approached Favio Chavez, a musician doing volunteer work. Together they have made and built musical instruments for more than 100 students in 2006. Favio’s presentation will be translated by an onsite translator.

Saskia Wilson

“Change making using photography”


Saskia Wilson hails from Flashpoint Labs which offers changemaking through photography programmes, workshops, coaching and events for people of all ages and skill levels. Changemaking photography is melding social innovation and photography. Flashpoint Labs is trying to improve society through conscious image making and powerful story telling.


Priscilla Brice

“Erasing racism with creative technology”


Priscilla Brice is the founder and managing director of All Together Now, Australia’s only national racism prevention charity. Priscilla was recently awarded a Churchill Fellowship that enabled her to visit, investigate and learn from antiracism NGOs in Europe and North America in 2014. She was also awarded a University of Western Sydney Community Award in 2013 for establishing the award-winning One Parramatta project and All Together Now more broadly. Priscilla has a decade of experience managing social marketing and social change projects, specialising in online communications. She is currently studying for an MBA (Executive) at University of NSW, completed a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact in 2011 and the Sydney Leadership Program in 2008. Prior to working in the not-for-profit sector Priscilla worked as a equities research assistant in the investment banking sector.



Jasmine Low

Jasmine Low is the co-founder & managing director of cause-marketing agency, GoInternationalGroup.com. She is a social entrepreneur, festival curator and marketing consultant with 25 years of experience promoting the creative industries.


Idea Accelerator

An integral part of the Go Speaker Series, the Idea Accelerator is a platform where like-minded individuals are able to share their ideas with our speakers.

Go International Group dotcom

Go International Group dotcom (GoInternationalGroup.com) is an entity whose activity includes development of ICT systems, research and development for ICT systems and as a professional event management services provider.


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